Golf Swing Uphill Lie

Golf Swing Uphill Lie. The big challenge from this lie is getting down to the ball and staying there through impact. Sidehill lies require an adjustment so you can stay balanced: If the ball is above your feet: You have to lean a little into the hill to keep your balance.

Uneven Lies: Hitting From an Uphill Lie - My Golf Instructor
Uneven Lies: Hitting From an Uphill Lie – My Golf Instructor (Joseph Johnson)

Play the ball back toward the middle of your stance if you're on a downhill lie or forward, off your left big toe, from an uphill lie. Without the proper context the amateur may immediately begin to wonder if their swing is on the right. Are you envious of the lag Tiger Woods creates in his swing?

If so, I bet you would like to learn the secrets few know about how anyone—including you.

Think about lag differently and get your guide to creating golf swing lag like Tiger Woods.

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One-Plane Swing: What is the Golf Swing Plane? When you analyse the hips at horizontal, that right elbow is way back, way high and way wide of the amateur's body. The top of the golf swing corresponds to the halfway point between the address position and the moment of impact.

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