Golf Swing Slow Motion Takeaway

Golf Swing Slow Motion Takeaway. Here is a good slow motion video of Luke Donald. Learn how to swing 'slower.' While this motion feels intuitively as though more swing speed is being generated the opposite is actually.

Galaxy Note 9 Slow Motion Golf Swing 240fps 1080P - YouTube
Galaxy Note 9 Slow Motion Golf Swing 240fps 1080P – YouTube (Raymond Gordon)

Swing the clubhead straight back from the ball to start the swing. Here's a cool video of my golf driver swing in slow motion. So let's have a look about how you can complete a long and slow takeaway.

If you take it back too fast or too slow, or aiming left or right then the rest of the swing will struggle to recover.

Most players record their swings but have you tried it with putting as well?

Slow Motion Golf Swing Drill

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Adam Scott's golf swing in slow motion. What I'm going to do is point out some key things in the swing you need to be looking out for and then move onto some drills as well. If you want the perfect golf swing takeaway, you need three things.

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