Golf Swing Backswing Sequence

Golf Swing Backswing Sequence. Golf Swing Backswing: "Setting" the Club at the Top. This naturally occurs in swings that move from one step to the next in one smooth.

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Your hands, arms and shoulders should form a triangle, and as that triangle begins to rotate away from the ball, your. A common flaw I've noticed is that many recreational. Step by step instruction for mastering the backswing in golf with a FREE golf instruction video on the backswing!

The best golfers make their swing look effortless.

PGA Golf Professional Andy Proudman shows you a great drill to help improve your backswing sequence to help you hit more.

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Golf Pitching & Chipping: The Pop-Chip. A driver swing so good, these photos look posed (they're not). This limits your ability to make a wide swing arc, generate more lag in the golf swing and hit longer golf shots.

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