Golf Swing Grip Pressure

Golf Swing Grip Pressure. A soft grip pressure promotes feels, allowing you to better feel what your club is doing and how it comes in contact with the ball. The last thing to remember with grip pressure is to maintain consistent pressure throughout the golf swing in both hands.

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Here is how tightly to hold the grip. Grip pressure is how tightly or loosely you apply your hands to the golf club. A correct golf grip will help you to achieve more distance, greater feel, better ball striking and more consistency.

As Jim Miller Golf notes, grip a club as lightly as possible while still maintaining control of the club.

Many golfers get hung up on the big things – the clubs they buy, major swing changes, etc. – but it is really the small stuff that can take you to a new level.

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The game of golf has always been a difficult one to play consistently well. The answer to that question isn't as simple as it sounds: It. Only a handful of people hit the big time, but with our amazing interactive targets for feedback on your game For the player just starting, the set-up position and the general swing shape are the most important things to understand.

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